Boss Day Gifts for Your Boss

Boss Day Gifts for Your Boss

Boss’s Day is on October 16th every year. Boss’s Day was created by Patricia Bays Haroski, who worked for an insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois. Her boss was her father. She witnessed the challenges her father had to face in running the company and yet managed to be the source of inspiration and encouragement for his employees. In 1958, she registered the holiday with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to show her appreciation for his role as a boss. She chose October 16th since that was the birthday of her father. Four years later, the governor of Illinois liked her proposal and proclaimed Boss Day as a day of observance for Illinois. The idea caught on across U.S. since then, and today Boss Day is known as National Boss Day.

Boss day offers an opportunity for employees to show their appreciation to their bosses when they may have neglected to do so otherwise. Sending your boss a Boss Day gift is a great way to express your gratitude for what he/she has done throughout the year. This article provides some Boss Day gift ideas to help you with selecting a gift for your boss.

1. Fruit Basket:
Fruit baskets are healthy gifts appropriate for any occasion. A fruit basket is a great boss gift especially if your boss is health conscious. You can send a fruit basket filled with crispy apples, juicy oranges, and pears, or a basket that pairs fruits with delicious snacks. For example, a popular fruit basket includes fancy apples, Sunkist oranges, Anjou pears, along with Gouda cheese, summer salami, pepper water cracker, as well as assorted chocolate truffles. This is a truly irresistible gift for both male and female boss.

2. Gourmet Gift Basket:
Gourmet gift baskets are most popular for business gifting. Since most bosses expect the best out of their employees, so why not indulge them with the very best when giving a gift. You can send your boss an executive gift basket that is made with those busy corporate executives in mind. They will find caviar, smoked salmon, wine cheese spread, water crackers, Bellagio coffee, Twinings Tea, and other gourmet food and treats. Your boss will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

3. Travelling Gourmet Gift Basket:
This gourmet tower is for the executive who is always on the go. It consists of 3 faux leather suitcases filled with gourmet treats, including tomato basil crackers, vanilla cream cocoa, sliced beef salami, honey sweet peanuts, Ghirardelli chocolate bar, chocolate chip cookies, buttery almond toffee, buttery pretzels, garlic cheese spread, vanilla caramels, cheddar cheese pretzel sticks, and gourmet roast coffee. Your boss will love this unique gift that provides gourmet treats on the go, and the suit cases will be great for traveling for years to come.

4. Coffee Gift Basket:
If your boss is a coffee lover, send him/her a coffee gift basket. Coffee baskets are filled with assorted gourmet coffees and all the gourmet treats to make any coffee break special. A popular coffee gift box is filled with Swiss chocolate pound cake, cappuccino almond toffee bag, biscotti, caramel nut popcorn, assorted chocolate truffles, and coffee bon bons. Your boss can also enjoy a coffee table book entitled “101 Ways to Stay Young” while savoring the savory treats.

5. Gourmet Desk Caddy:
If you have a male boss, you can send him a wooden desk caddy filled with luscious treats, including summer sausage, cream filled pastry cookies, gourmet coffee, almond toffee, pepper crackers, chocolate fudge popcorn, and double mocha chocolate truffles. He will proudly display this desk caddy long after the goodies inside have been devoured.

6. Meat and Cheese Gift:
Meat and cheese are men’s favorite snack. If you have a male boss, you can send him a meat and cheese basket. He will enjoy some truly manly snacks and gourmet treats in a sausage and nut gift basket. This basket is filled with a galore of meat and cheese and a variety of nuts to tempt his taste buds, including Stone wheat crackers, Pepper Jack cheese, tomato basil cheese, garlic summer sausage, summer salami, cashews, honey sweet peanuts, and deluxe mixed nuts.

7. Wine Crate:
If your boss enjoys wine, send him/her a wine crate with a variety of wine essentials, including Cabernet Cheddar Cheese spread, Tuscan wheat crackers, cheddar cheese wedge, and specialty wine infused salamis. This sophisticated gift will complement any fine wine for the wine lover.

8. Golf Gift:
Golf gifts are popular business gifts. If your boss is passionate about golf, you can send him/her a golf gift basket. These baskets are filled with practice golf balls and other golf gadgets, and golf-themed gourmet treats. Some may contain a book of golf wisdom. There are also golf gift baskets designed especially for women golfer, Alternatively, you can send a personalized executive golf set containing a lustrous wood case augmented with brass handle, a brass plate engraved with your boss’s name, a putter that disassembles for easy storage, two balls and a wood practice cup.

9. Personalized Pocket Watch
This is an elegant gift for a boss who appreciates the classic look of a pocket watch. The cover of the watch is engraved with your boss’s name to make it an especially thoughtful gift. The silver (or bronze) pocket watch with Quartz Movement includes a removable chain.

In conclusion, Boss Day offers an opportunity to improve employee-boss relationship, and for employees to recognize the challenges the boss has to face everyday in running an organization. Sending a gift to your boss is a great way to show your appreciation. Popular boss gifts include fruit basket, gourmet gift basket, golf gifts, coffee gift basket, meat and cheese gifts, and personalized pocket watch. Your boss will appreciate your effort in building a congenial relationship, which in turn will help achieving greater productivity and job satisfaction.

By Kate Ginsberg

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