Change Your Sales Management Focus to Increase Sales

Change Your Sales Management Focus to Increase Sales

Let’s be honest, the goal of selling is to increase revenue. Yet, for those in sales management the focus more often that not is what they, as the salespersons, are doing wrong instead of what they are doing right.

This is for the most part pretty natural or typical behavior because of years of negative conditioning. We have evolved from “Don’t children” to “Can’t adults.” These behaviors have us always looking to our weaknesses instead of our strengths. Then we transfer these individual behaviors to the dynamics of the group. Bottom line is the sales team becomes even more dysfunctional.

What are those in sales management supposed to do? The first step is knowing what each member within the team does well. Of course, from my experience within my business coaching training practice, I can honestly say that the overwhelmingly majority of clients do not know their talents for their current roles.

A talent in selling such as being able to handle rejection can be quickly turned into a non-talent or a weakness when the role changes to being a sales manager. This bleeding over can affect the overall team’s performance.

Have you ever managed a sales team where a couple of folks were constantly complaining about doing all the work? Possibly if this team had the opportunity to assess their individual talents and how those talents fit within the team members’ overall decision making styles, you might have seen first hand that these complaining salespersons were right on.

Such a performance appraisal assessment may have revealed that your team had a majority of thinkers and feelers with far fewer doers. This imbalance might have created a lot of headaches for you not to mention sleepless nights. Just imagine what could happen if you created awareness among team members as to their decision making styles not to mention their talents?

To switch from a negative, reactive attitude to a positive, proactive one is truly not easy. With our brains always being ready to flight or fight based upon past bad experiences, staying focused on what is being done right is much harder than focusing on what is being done wrong.

Yet, such action can be done. The only challenge for you in sales management is to set a course of action to determine the talents of your sales folks. Then use that data in a proactive way to come from a position of strength instead one of weakness.

P.S. Sales Coaching Tip: Do not confuse talents with sales skills.

By Alexis Dean

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