How to Increase Leadership Effectiveness

How to Increase Leadership Effectiveness

Five Tips to Increase Leadership Effectiveness

Over the years, we’ve had the privilege of coaching executives to become more effective leaders not just for people they supervise (down), but also those they report to (up) and they work with(across).

Here are 5 Tips to help adapt to such “in the center” leadership realities.

Understand job responsibilities. What is expected of you and what do you expect from them? How clear is everyone? How do you communicate differences and negotiate common ground?

Address empowerment. How much authority and responsibility does your boss give you? How much do you give your staff, and how do you establish the rules with colleagues?

Take the initiative – cautiously. Leaders take the initiative. Within a team, everyone has to feel empowered to do so. Therefore the goal is to take the initiative while at the same time encouraging others so there is a creative give-and-take and no one feels boundaries have been overstepped.

Create a culture of 360-degree leadership. This means developing norms, values, practices and organizational structure which encourages all three forms of leadership and provides appreciation for appropriate behaviors.

Use feedback to expand people’s ability to grow as leaders and increase organizational effectiveness.

Five Key Leadership Attributes

Leaders care about achieving the organization’s goals and about the people that make up the organization.

Leaders exude trust – by demonstrating their character

Leaders earn respect – by being competent

Leaders are approachable – by being consistent

Leaders attract admiration – by staying committed to the firm and people.

By Christian Timmons

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