Leadership Character Traits, Five More of the Core Qualities of a Great Leader

Leadership Character Traits, Five More of the Core Qualities of a Great Leader

Your character is comprised of 21 distinct qualities that distinguish you from other people. Character is a constant standard that enables you to evaluate your daily performance and helps you to determine to what extent you have control, discipline, order, and precision in your life. This report is part three of a four part series, which explains 21 distinct character traits.

Character represents your disposition and trademark. Your character demonstrates and predicts your conduct. Character is a reflection of your power, and control over your mind, body, and spirit. Having it represents high standards. Not having it represents the lack thereof.

Character is a holistic concept. Your character encompasses a wide range of mind, body and spiritual qualities. The concept of living with character is that it is the soil from which productive life performance grows.

To understand the holistic concept of character, you must utilize these 21 specific character traits. To encourage you to utilize these character traits, and therefore, to enhance your effectiveness, we have listed the 21 character traits that are the most important.


Foresight is the ability to see and prepare for the future. It is the ability to see the potential “effect” of present decisions on future outcomes. Foresight is also the ability to benefit from past experience to improve future performance.


Responsibility is conduct that is answerable and accountable. It is being able to answer satisfactorily to any reasonable claim, duty, or charge. Being responsible means that the “buck stops with you.”


Judgment is the ability to make accurate determinations. It is having the ability to discern “right” from “wrong”. It is the internal decision making process that allows one to determine the “correct” path to follow.


Dependability is conduct, which is reliable and trustworthy. It is consistently performing when others are relying on your conduct, your products, or service. It is measuring up. When others rely on you, it is simply being there when you are needed.


Credibility is conduct that is believable. It is establishing a good, long-term, trusted reputation. It is the sum of your professional and personal behavior and that you are worthy of esteem and praise.

By Doug Smart

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