Leadership: Persuasion Versus Manipulation – What’s the Difference?

Leadership: Persuasion Versus Manipulation – What’s the Difference?

Persuasion without integrity is just a fancy name for manipulation. In case you’re not clear on the difference:

Manipulation includes making people feel responsible for your success and happiness, making people do something that they obviously don’t want to do, making people believe a lie so they will do things your way, and making people feel inadequate unless they see the world the way you do.

Manipulators use the emotions of people against them, destroying trust in the process. People use manipulation because they have nothing better to sell. What manipulators offer the world is not worthwhile, or they wouldn’t need manipulation to offer it. Manipulation makes the life unnavigable and sinks everyone it hits.

Persuasion, in contrast, merely attempts to show people that they’re responsible for their own success and happiness. Persuasion tries to help people find the courage to do what they need to do, to see the consequences of their actions, and to choose their actions wisely. People use persuasion because it helps them to present what they have to offer in terms easiest for others to digest.

Persuasion simply helps you to get a fair hearing from an otherwise, overly emotional human being. In persuasion, whether or not people choose to digest what you have to offer them remains their choice. You must never deny people their right to choose for themselves. Your success in influencing another will ultimately depend upon how much they value your offering. The more you offer them, the more they will value you. Keep that thought in mind as you attempt persuasion throughout your life.

Only after people understand the difference between manipulation and persuasion are they able to master the tools of influence…

By Nathan Edwards

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