The Millionaire Mind

The Millionaire Mind

Are you ready to learn the Ultimate Secret of the Millionaire Mind?

You’ll be glad to know it’s rather simple, actually. Let me take you back to your youth for a moment.

Remember the days when you had all those dreams and visions that persistently danced in your head? Remember pretending to be a rock star, a dancer, a swashbuckler, a cop or whatever it was that seemed like a good role for you back then.

For me, it was teaching, running a store, dancing and being a mermaid. I’d line up my dolls and stuffed animals and ‘teach’ them from a curriculum I created. I took a cardboard box, drew buttons on it, collected a bunch of items, and rang them into the ’till’. While out walking, I pretended I was a dancer in one of those musicals, twirling around a post outside my church and running up and down the steps. Whenever I went swimming or took a bath, I held my feet together and ducked under like a mermaid.

When we grow up, we forget all those dreams or put them aside as unachievable. They were ‘games’ we played as kids, not careers we could actually have.

There were a few exceptions of course. Those are the people who knew exactly what they wanted and they designed their entire lives around getting it. Kids who wanted to be firefighters or cops or nurses or lawyers did everything that would lead them towards their goal.

Their interests were all-encompassing. They studied them, they experimented. In essence, they ‘became’ the person they wanted to be when they grew up. Without realizing it, they possessed the secret of the millionaire mind. Each day they took one step closer to their goal, year in and year out.

To become a millionaire, you have to really want it. You refuse to take no for an answer. You fill your entire day thinking about nothing else. Every action is designed to do one thing and one thing only: develop your millionaire life. Never allow negative impressions to enter your dream. Never allow yourself to be influenced by negative feedback, even that which comes from people you trust.

Here’s the ultimate key: Recapture your youthful attitude. Act like you are a millionaire already. This is crucial.

Just because you live in a regular house with regular clothes, regular possessions and a regular bank account doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of a millionaire lifestyle.

Think about things a millionaire enjoys that you can recreate, given your limited resources.

For example, their houses are probably spotless because they can hire maids to keep it that way. You can have a spotless house by scheduling chores that ensure your place remains tidy. Don’t allow it to become otherwise. If you are surrounded by sloppiness or disorganization, you will live that lifestyle.

Have you ever let your place go and decided it’s time to do a major cleanup? How did you feel afterwards? I’ll bet you felt fabulous. You’d accomplished something. Your place was more presentable and you felt the effects of that. You probably felt a little ‘richer’ for having a clean, tidy house with everything in its place for a change.

Another thing you can do is always dress the part. Ok, you probably can’t afford a $1000 suit, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around in a paint-splattered track suit all day. At least get yourself a really good quality track suit, if that’s your favorite style. Not all millionaires dress to the nines.

Don’t allow your current status to influence you negatively. That means don’t let your situation bring you down, because it’s so easy to become down-hearted when your life isn’t where you want it to be. That’s when we tend to let things ‘slide’, from our appearance to our homes to our emotions.

Take care of yourself – treat yourself every day like you are going to an important meeting with distinguished people. Rather than having coffee in that old stained mug, use a rich-looking cup, perhaps with gold edging. Put on nice clothes, attractive jewelry, and whatever else you’d normally do.

Make the best of what you’ve got. Surround yourself with things that make you feel good about yourself. Take pride in yourself and everything around you. Before long, you will experience the secret of the millionaire mind.

Act like the millionaire you plan to become. Walk tall. Put on your best outfit, go out and show it off. If you can afford it, go ahead and buy yourself a small ‘expensive’ trinket – a small diamond or ruby or gold bracelet or tie stud. Wear it every day as a reminder that you are ‘becoming’ a millionaire.

The secret of the millionaire mind can be discovered quite easily if you get into the right attitude from the start. Decide you want to become a millionaire and put all your effort into that alone. Think about it every day, every hour. Treat yourself now and then in celebration of your success so far.

Most of all, believe it’s possible for you to become a millionaire. Stay positive. Play the role. Dress the part. Act as you will when you are a millionaire. Do the things you’ll do when you are rich. Visit places where richness surrounds you. Browse a Porsche or Cadillac showroom. Wander through expensive stores and admire the things you want. Absorb it all until it becomes you.

This is the ultimate secret of the millionaire mind.

By Sylvia Parkinson

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