The New ABC’s to Closing a Sale

The New ABC’s to Closing a Sale

If you are reading this you are probably in sales, and likely have heard the old saying “ABC” – Always Be Closing. This philosophy while good in spirit will not get you where you want to be if taken literally. An aggressive closer will more often times than not scare a potential sale away, or create a forced sale that leads to buyer remorse, returns, or a client that won’t recommend you and will never come back.

With that said, you should always ask for the order, always! But when do you? Now we are talking about the true art of salesmanship, finding the appropriate time to close the sale.

The sales process is not unlike any other relationship process you have experienced in your life (just shorter). Think about your last date, the last friend you made, or when you first met your spouse. A relationship process had to run its’ course. Same in sales, no matter what you are selling, a relationship process must run its’ course to the point where you can ask for the order.   Now, here is where it gets tricky. It is not your relationship process that is important, it is the clients.

Different clients will fall into various personality types (which will be discussed in more detail on future articles). Reading the personality type of the person you are dealing with and matching your approach to them is the single most critical factor in closing the sale.    Someone that speaks quickly and is very direct needs direct answers, let them have control, answer their questions and use direct closing questions. A person that is quiet and reserved needs to be spoken to softly and you must build more of a relationship and more of a trust with that person.

Someone who is very detail oriented needs to know all of the features and benefits of the product you are selling. They will have a mental checklist and every box needs to be checked before buying so make sure you answer all questions for them. An individual that is very vibrant and animated needs to enjoy the transaction, enjoy the product, and enjoy the buying experience and you.

Keeping this in mind, it is time we change the old proverb of “ABC” – Always Be Closing. Instead try “ABC” – Analyze Before Closing. You will find your closing ratios along with your client satisfaction meters ArrowingUp!

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